Who Is Kobi?

Kobi Noiman began weight training at the late age of 19 years old. A dedicated weight lifter and bodybuilder fanatic, Kobi made sure to always hit the gym, educate himself on the sport as well as challenge himself almost daily. He really took the saying “no pain no gain” to its ultimate level and never once gave up nor complained.

Today Kobi is a well-respected and well-known fitness trainer. His expertise and dedication regarding fitness are second to none. He has evolved as an elite trainer who has one goal in mind: changing the lives of others. His success comes from his love of fitness and his overall manifestations of each and every client he touches.

Since the opening of his fitness studio in Brooklyn, New York (Fitness by Kobi) in 2007, it has become an elite fitness studio with great trainers, consultants and nutritionists who pride themselves on being leaders in the fitness industry.

Kobi is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He has been featured in numerous fitness magazines (exercise for Men) and written a great amount of articles and excerpts for several publications and bodybuilding magazines. His knowledge on fitness is a staple in the industry and with the hopes of making this book a great seller he has one vision: to revolutionize the fitness industry by making millions more aware, more educated, more dedicated and more motivated. This is only a glimpse of what is going to come.

“I will educate everyone and begin to make some serious advancements in the near future regarding fitness and healthy living. Hang on, be strong, stay confident, stay competitive and always maintain that passion and desire.” ~ Kobi